Year of fabrics 2022 - A year of Special Dyes sign up


This is the sign up for the 2022 Year of Special Dyes fabric club. There will be a specialist piece of dyed fabric each month using special dye techniques such as Tie Dye and Ice Dye along with others. As these special dyes use more consumables and take longer to dye than normal fabrics there is a slight increase in the price to reflect this. These fabrics are unique and complex and as such this club will have a very strict limit of 20 places. The same terms apply to this as all other clubs and you can cancel or amend your club at any time.

To join the club please enter your fabric type and size in the text box from the following options only:

Fabric Types

14ct, 16ct or 18ct Aida

14ct 16ct or 18ct Opal Aida

25ct, 28ct or 32ct Evenweave

25ct, 28ct or 32ct Opal Evenweave

28ct or 32ct Linen

28ct or 32ct Opal Linen


Regular which will either be 13” x 18” or 16” x 16” 

Large which will be either 18” x 26” or 22” x 22”

the square size will be used for some dyes which will work better on a square fabric than a rectangular

Once you have chosen your options please submit this as a zero sum order and your first invoice will be sent to the email you provide on the order in early January 2022. You must not add any other items to this order.


Aida and Evenweave - 13” x 18” / 16” x 16” £9.00,  18” x 26”/ 22” x 22” £17.50

Opal Aida and Evenweave - 13” x 18”/ 16” x 16” £10.50, 18” x 26”/ 22” x 22” £20.50

Linen - 13” x 18”/ 16” x 16” £11.25, 18” x 26”/ 22” x 22” £21.75

Opal Linen - 13” x 18”/ 16” x 16” £12.00, 18” x 26”/ 22” x 22” £22.50

Postage is £2.00 pcm for the UK, £4.50 pcm for the EU and £5.75 pcm for the rest of the world. If you wish to take advantage of bi-monthly postage (two months posted on even months) so that postage costs are halved each month please let me know by emailing

*picture is for reference only and does not reflect a colour that will be received in 2022