Long Dog Sampler’s Pandemic thread pack

Please specify the Jodyri Designs thread colour you would like to use.

This is a thread pack for the design Pandemic from Julia Line at Long Dog Sampler and is offered with her blessing. Please visit her site for more fantastic designs


The thread pack is based on the meters required for the sampler plus 10% extra To allow for mistakes or wastage. If you are concerned that you will use more than this estimate please go up a pack size. For 14ct, 16ct, and 18ct it is calculated for 2 over 1 stitching and for 25ct, 28ct, 32ct and 36ct it is calculated for 1 over 1 stitching. If you are stitching 2 over 2 on 28ct please select the 14ct pack, the same on 32ct select the 16ct pack and the same on 36ct select the 18ct pack.  The amounts calculated are generous and you could end up with excess skeins left over.

The 14ct pack contains 55 skeins of thread, 16ct = 48 skeins, 18ct = 44 skeins, 25ct = 31 skeins, 28ct = 28 skeins, 32ct = 24 skeins and 36ct = 22 skeins.

For colour choice please select which of the threads sold by Jodyri Designs you would like. It can be from any of the ranges (Regular, Antique or Tie Dye) the thread pictured is Oz the Great & Powerful and can be chosen but doesn't have to be.