Waiting list for Monthly fabric clubs


All Fabric Monthly clubs have now been closed to new sign ups. If you wish to be added to the waiting list please either fill in this as if making a purchase ensuring that unless you are buying products at the same time that you choose a free postage option. By filling in this form you are not purchasing any threads or fabric only joining the club waiting list.

The Monthly Fabric Club is a piece of the Limited Edition monthly colour each month which after the initial sign up is offered at a discounted rate and details for the 2021 Year of Fabrics are below. Please note there is no guarantee how long you will be on the waiting list and it will be done in a first come basis. There  are other benefits to being a club member such as discounts, freebies and exclusives throughout the year.

In 2021 The Year of Fabric Club will return but will be returning to the original set up of a choice of Pastel, Bright or Neutral fabrics. There will be some repetition of colours from 2017 with 24 of the 36 colours returning but if you were in the club in 2017 to avoid duplicates you can opt for one of the other colour themes this time. All you have to do here is choose you fabric type and size and you will be invoiced in January so please ensure that the email you use is the correct email for PayPal. If you would prefer not to pay by PayPal please email me at jodyridesigns@gmail.com. 
The fabrics Pictured are from 2017 as examples and are English Rose (red), Welsh Daffodil (yellow) and Irish Shamrock (green) these three colours are returning in 2021.

Please Note;
No Payment will be taken on ordering this is reserving your spot but if this is on an order with any other products please pay the appropriate postage. No Year of fabric will be received before the monthly invoice is paid.

Sign Ups may be stopped at any time if a certain number of club members are reached and you will need to email as above to request to be placed on the waiting list

You may change your subscription at any time whether that is changing which colour theme, fabric type or fabric size

Everyone who remains in the club the entire year with no breaks will be eligible for an exclusive gift in December

All non opal Aida and Evenweave will be £7.50 for the 13" x 18" size, £14.50 for the 18" x 26" size and £28.00 for the 26" x 36" size
All Opal Aida and Evenweave will be £8.50/ £16.75/ £32.00
All non opal Linen will be £9.25/ £17.50/ £34.50
All Opal Linen will be £10.25 /£18.50 /£35.50