The Seven Wonders of the World 2023 SAL - PDF ONLY


This is the first SAL for 2023 and if stitched as shown measures 218 by 145 stitches with the largest individual image being around 63 by 44 stitches not including the wording. I have decided to show the full image as I know money is tight everywhere and I don't want anyone to spend their hard earnt money on a design they end up not liking.

The images are all full stitches only there are no partial stitches and the wording is done using backstitch with some french knots which can be omitted. The only other backstitch is on the Christ the Redeemer image as it was the only was the only way to keep it small. The chart with the wording but without the images will be sent upon purchase and the first image will be sent the first working day of February with the others being sent every month on the first working day.

This is only available as a PDF until the SAL is finished later in the year.