• A Year of Monthly Club 2021


    In 2021 The Year of Fabric Club will return but will be returning to the original set up of a choice of Pastel, Bright or Neutral fabrics. There will be some repetition of colours from 2017 with 24 of the 36 colours returning but if you were in the club in 2017 to avoid duplicates you can opt for one of the other colour themes this time. All you have to do here is choose you fabric type and size and pay your initial month and then you will be sent a PayPal invoice the first working day of each subsequent month.
    The fabrics Pictured are from 2017 as examples and are English Rose (red), Welsh Daffodil (yellow) and Irish Shamrock (green) these three colours are returning in 2021.
    You may cancel or change your subscription at any time whether that is changing which colour theme, fabric type or fabric size by emailing jodyridesigns@gmail.com