• A Year of Monthly Club 2020 (Please read all the information)


    In 2020 The Year of Fabric Club will return but will be a little different. This year the fabrics will be based on the Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses, they were very similarly structured with the same powers and responsibilities but whereas the Greeks Gods and Goddesses tended to be more romanticised and gentle the Roman's expected their deities to be more powerful and strong. Each month will feature a different God or Goddess and depending on their characteristics either the Greek or Roman God/Goddess could be paler fabric and so you can chose to always receive the paler fabric or the darker fabric and have a mix of Greek and Roman Gods or stick with either Greek or Roman Gods for the entire year receiving a mix of paler and darker fabrics.

    The Gods and Goddesses featured during 2020 will be the following (Greek / Roman);

    Zeus / Jupiter - King of the Gods and Ruler of the heavens

    Poseidon / Neptune - God of the Sea

    Hades / Pluto - God of the Underworld

    Hera / Juno - Goddess of Marriage

    Aphrodite / Venus - Goddess of Love

    Ares / Mars - God of War

    Athena / Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom

    Hephaestus / Vulcan - God of the forge

    Artemis / Diana - Goddess of the Hunt

    Hestia / Vesta - Goddess of the Hearth

    Hermes / Mercury - Messenger of the Gods

    Demeter / Ceres - Goddess of the Harvest

    You will be able to sign up at any time but there will be a discount on your first month for signing up before January 7th but please note these will not be shipped before the end of January as Michelle will be taking some time off over Christmas and New Year. You may skip a month and you can cancel the club at any time by emailing Michelle at jodyridesigns@gmail.com. Every person who remains in the club for the entire year and receives all 12 fabrics will receive a free bonus in December of a thread pack exclusive to the Year of Fabric club.

    Please ensure you pay postage for this item.

    The fabrics pictured are Aphrodite (left) and Venus the February 2020 fabrics and Zeus (top) and Jupiter the January 2020 fabrics.