A Year of Monthly Club 2019


In 2019 The Year of Fabric Club will return but will be a little different. This year the fabrics will form a rainbow with a different colour every month as follows; (Pictured are the January Reds)

January - Red
February - Pink
March - Peach
April - Orange
May - Yellow
June - Green
July - Aqua
August - Turquoise
September - Blue
October - Lilac
November - Violet
December - Grey

You can select to get the regular rainbow which will be either a pastel or bright fabric depending both on the colour that month and fabric type chosen or you can get the Dark Rainbow fabrics which will be deeper shades of these colours and not the traditional bright rainbow.

You will be able to sign up at any time and skip any month where the colour isn’t one you would like but every person who is in the club and receives a fabric every month for the entire 12 months will receive a special 13” x 18” Rainbow fabric in December in the same fabric as their December Year of fabric.

Please note that some months the colour may be one of the standard fabrics sold via the website.