Any replies that request you email Michelle please contact her at jodyridesigns@gmail.com


Q/. I have received my fabric but it doesn’t look exactly like the picture is it faulty?

A/. If your fabric has been posted to you it has been checked for quality and passed although we are not perfect and errors can be made. When ordering hand dyed fabric the fabric type has a huge effect on the way the colours set Linen as a natural fabric dyes darkest, Aida which is a cotton fabric dyes slightly lighter than Linen but still vibrant, Evenweaves are a synthetic fabric and dye paler and also if you have an opal fabric these opal strands are plastic and do not dye at all and so cause the fabric as a whole to look lighter than a non opal fabric of the same type.

We are endeavouring to have pictures of each fabric type for each colour but it is a work in progress please refer to the limited edition each month for an example of the difference in colour on different fabric types. If you wish to discuss the colour before ordering or after receiving please email Michelle. We will always take a fabric back if you are unhappy and replace or refund it for you but you must cover the cost to return it to us which will only be refunded if we made an error with your order.

Q/. How long are your threads?

A/. All our skeins of regular stranded cotton are 6 ply and 8m long the same as DMC and Anchor skeins. This was done purposely so that if you have a skein usage for a chart there will be no difference using our threads.

Q/. How long will my order take?

A/. Although we do keep some stock of threads with 300 different colours (as of May 2017) it is not possible to keep enough quantity of every single thread to cover any possible order and all fabrics are dyed to order. Michelle is the sole dyer and also the only person to cut and prep all fabrics and threads before dyeing and so all orders containing hand dyed items are subject to up to a 20 working day processing time. Working days are Monday - Friday not including UK Public Holidays.

At times there can be further delays for example due to illness or after holidays and this will be in the Announcements section on the front page of the website. If you ever want to check on your order progress please email Michelle.


Q/. Are your threads and fabrics colourfast?

A/. Although we try our best to ensure colour fastness we cannot guarantee that our threads and fabrics will not bleed if washed. If you wish to use them in a project that will be washed we recommend rinsing them through with cold water until the water runs clear. We would also suggest those most likely to bleed are those containing Black, Red and Dark Blue.


Q/. Can I order a custom thread or fabric colour?

A/. Yes we often make custom threads and fabrics for customers please email Michelle to discuss this. There is no extra charge for a custom dye they will still be the same price as those on the website. We do require a minimum order of 5 skeins for custom thread orders.

Q/. I have changed my mind about an order can I cancel it for a refund?

A/. It will depend on what you have ordered and how long ago.

 For Charts if it is a PDF chart and it has been emailed it is non refundable due to copyright laws, if it is a printed chart and has not yet been posted we will cancel and refund but if it is in the post again it is non refundable due to copyright laws. 

For threads providing the order has not been posted and it is not a custom colour we will cancel and refund.

For fabrics if the fabric has not yet been dyed or we are happy we can re sell the fabric we will cancel and refund but if your fabric is already dyed we cannot guarantee to provide you with a cancellation and refund as it is a custom order where you have selected the colour, size and fabric type and therefore does not fall under the normal distance selling laws.

Q/. What sizes of fabric do you provide?

A/. Our standard sizes are 9” x 13”, 13” x 18”, 18” x 26” and 26” x 36”. We can offer a custom size if you require it please email Michelle to discuss this.


Q/. What types of Monthly Clubs do you have?

A/. We offer a Monthly thread club at two levels 5 threads and 10 threads with the option to add the limited monthly thread to them. We have two different fabric clubs, the first is based on the monthly limited edition and the second is a Year Of Gods and Goddesses fabrics with a choice of a Greek or Roman deities or Paler or Darker each month you can also add the limited monthly thread to the fabric clubs.

Q/. How do your monthly clubs work?

A/. All the monthly clubs work the same way.

First you sign up via the website to the club/s you wish to join adding the monthly limited edition thread if you wish.

The following month you will be invoiced directly on the first working day of the month.

Please note you may receive an invoice for the next month before the previous months club depending on when you ordered/paid for the previous month and if you are UK or overseas. The invoice can be paid at any time in the calendar month so you can wait until the previous order is received.

The thread clubs work numerically for example July 2017 the 5 thread club will be numbers 1-5 then August 6-10 and the 10 thread club will be numbers 1-10 and August 11-20.

You may alter or cancel your club choices at any time by contacting Michelle.


Q/. How much is postage?

A/. We offer a flat rate of postage at £1.50 for the UK, £4.50 for Europe and £5.75 for the rest of the World irrespective of the size of the order. Overseas postage has increased significantly due to the Coronovirus Pandemic as the reduced number of flights have decreased the amount of freight space for Airmail and thereby increasing the cost of reserving this space by the postal services.


Q/. Do you offer an insured postal service?

A/. We do not do this as standard but are happy to find a price for you and invoice you for the increased cost. If your order is especially large we will send it insured at our own cost.


Q/. Why do you not offer free postage?

A/. Unfortunately we are not able to offer free postage as we are a very small home based business and we simply cannot afford it.