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Jodyri Updates 20th July 2021

We are currently out of stock of 32ct Murano Evenweave and 32ct Belfast Linen. They were ordered in June but the manufacturer has a backlog and they are not expected until mid to late August. Any orders made from today for these fabrics and any clubs in August including these fabrics are subject to a delay. We cannot give you a timeline for the delay as although we have been promised they will be with us mid August often the date gets changed by the manufacturer. 

We are also running low on some other fabrics for the same reason and will update you if and when they run out. We do have the Opal options of both the above fabrics in stock if you wish to switch to Opal.

 Jodyri News and Updates 1st July 2021 

Michelle has caught up from her weeks break and all orders and a few outstanding clubs (due to re dyes being required) will be posted within a week.

The Monthly clubs are now all open and available for anyone to join again

All customers in the EU should be aware that EU rules have recently changed and any parcel being delivered to you is subject to customs fees irrespective of the parcel value. Please factor this extra cost into your orders and ensure you will be available and able to pay the customs fees when your parcel arrives. These customs fees vary for each country so you will need to check with your postal service what the fees will be.

If an EU parcel is returned to us for non payment of these fees we will need to charge you a second postage fee to re send it as the postage cost will not be refunded to us and if you decide to cancel your order your postage fee will not be refunded only the product fees as we have made all customers aware of these changes.

Jodyri News and Updates 1st June 2021

We are running as normal and processing times for orders are up to 20 working days. There was an issue with a dye lot of the Year of Pastels club fabrics this month and several pieces need to be redyed which may delay their dispatch. 

Due to increasing domestic postal prices we have had to increase the UK postage charge to £2.00, this is still a flat rate irrespective of your order size and as always if your order is particularly large we will send it recorded delivery at our cost with no further charge to yourself.

The Thread clubs have been re-opened for sign ups with no wait list any longer for them. The fabric clubs remain subject to a waiting list for the time being.

Finally Michelle is taking a well earned week off from 7th-11th June and will not be available to answer enquiries. Whilst this may delay a few orders we do not expect it to as there is currently no backlog.  

Jodyri Designs turns 8 today 05th May 2021

Today we are celebrating 8 years of Jodyri Designs our first website sale was made on May the 5th 2013.  To celebrate around 1pm UK time there will be a huge sale in a special section on the website and we are also offering 15% off of all designs (excluding SAL’s) if you use the code 8thbirthdaybash at checkout. Both of these will remain until May 17th when the birthday sale will end.

We are also happy to announce that we finally have a full stock of all fabrics again and are fully caught up with orders so no order should go past the 15-20 working day processing time.

Thank you all for 8 years of support making Jodyri Designs as successful as it has been,

Michelle x

Hand Dyed Fabric available again April 16th 2021

I have now received the remainder of my fabric order placed in January and the only outstanding fabric is 18ct Aida. I do have a small stock of 18ct Aida but if you do order it or have it as a club fabric you may face some delays if the stock I have runs out before my order arrives. Please note that this refers only to the plain 18ct Aida and I have stock of the 18ct Opal Aida.

As I now have all but this one fabric in stock I have resumed the sale of hand dyed fabrics and you should find them all now listed in the relevant section and the Custom Dye option is now available if you need something I don't have. I have taken this opportunity to remove some colours that do not sell and adjust pricing to reflect the increased prices I am now paying to Zweigert and the increased import charges since the UK left the EU at the beginning of the year. I have endeavoured to keep prices as low as possible and although my costs have gone up around 10-11% prices have only increased around 5%.

Thank you for your patience with the stock issues and hopefully things will now start to find their new normal.


April 6th 2021

Although I finally received the fabric I had ordered in November a few weeks ago and have now caught up with the backlog of orders the delay in receiving it caused I am still experiencing issues with fabric deliveries. An order placed in December has not been received yet and the majority of an order placed in January has not been received and my delivery date keeps getting pushed back. At the moment I expect fabric to be here within the next week or so but I could receive an email telling me of further delay.

Fabrics currently affected are 16ct Aida, 18ct Aida, 25ct Lugana, 28ct Brittney and 28ct Opal Brittney. These are all now out of stock with only some of the April clubs being fulfilled with the stock I have. I apologise again for any delays this may cause to orders or clubs but it is completely out of my control and it is not as easy as changing supplier as all major fabric suppliers are based in mainland europe and Brexit is one of the causes of the delays.

The good news is that Zweigert have installed new machinery which will allow them to produce larger quantites and after they have caught up with their backlog in 2-3 months there should be no further issues with delays in delivery.

I have caught up with all the delayed orders and clubs and processing times are back to their normal 15-20 working days with the exception of the fabrics mentioned above which may take longer while I await my stock. I have not yet made a decision on when to start selling Hand Dyed Fabrics again (apart from the monthly limited edition) but I do need to have at least the majority of my fabrics in stock in a decent quantity before I do so.

February 5th 2021

It is with a heavy heart I have temporarily removed hand dyed fabric from our listings. Due to the issues with the fabric deliveries from the supplier because of Brexit and Covid I have found I have many orders that I am not able to fulfill and once the fabric eventually turns up it will take me a few weeks to get through the backlog before I can accept any new fabric orders.

The only exception to this is the monthly limited edition which you can still order but please be aware that irrespective of which fabric you select there could be a long delay to your order while I wait for my fabric stock to arrive. I will carry on with all monthly clubs as normal but please be aware that the same issues apply and if you wish to stop your club temporarily until the fabric issue is resolved please email me at to discuss this.

Sadly my thread supplier is facing the same issues and if I do not soon receive my thread order I may have to consider also stopping the sale of threads.

Processing times remain at up to 6 weeks for items I have in stock but for some fabrics and eventually threads this could be longer. I will keep you updated with your club/order as soon as I am able to.

This decision was not taken lightly Jodyri Designs is my sole source of income and as a family of 6 we rely on it to keep afloat but I could not keep taking money for orders that I am not sure when I will be able to fulfill.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and let us hope this does not go on too much longer, Michelle

January 27th 2021

We are very sorry to say we are experiencing severe delays with our fabric orders from the manufacturer. We are still waiting on several fabrics from October last year, some from December and a lot from January. We have been advised that a few fabrics should be with us this week or early next week but the majority we face another 3-5 weeks before they are sent to us from Germany.

Due to the unprecedentedly high number of orders and the long delays in receiving fabrics there are now numerous fabrics that are out of stock or running very low on stock. Please note that any clubs or orders from now on are subject to long delays due to this.

We deeply apologise but this is out of our control and the combination of COVID and Brexit has caused issues for our supplier.

January 9th 2021

Sadly we have had to now close all monthly clubs to new sign ups. You can still join the waiting list and full details for all clubs can be found in the waiting list information.

January 4th 2021

Happy New Year to you all!

There were a lot of orders during the two weeks I was off and to enable me to catch up with orders and process the January clubs I am temporarily extending processing times to up to 6 weeks. I don't anticipate or intend them to take that long but please be prepared in case they do.


December 14th 2020

Michelle will be taking two weeks leave from Monday 21st December until Monday 4th January 2021. During this period no orders will be processed or posted and emails will receive an away message. If you wish to speak to Michelle please do so this week.

November 13th 2020

Fabric update.

We have just had an email from Zweigert we currently have an order outstanding and they have informed us that the 14ct Opal Aida, 32ct Murano and 32ct Opal Murano will not be available until January. We have enough fabric for all current orders and the December clubs but if there are any orders for these fabrics before the New Year we may not be able to fulfill them. It also may cause some delays to the January clubs.

Updated Terms and Conditions and stock shortage September 2nd 2020

Please note that by placing an order you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions and we highly recommend you read them to be sure you agree with them before ordering.

Postage rates - Unfortunately the postage costs for overseas has significantly increased recently and the postage rate has been increased to £4.50 for European Countries and £5,75 for non European countries. This is still a flat rate no matter the size of the order and any extra postage required for a large order will still be covered by us. The increases are due to a lack of freight space in the reduced amount of flights during the Coronavirus pandemic and we hope they will be reduced once air travel gets back to normal. If you wish an order to be sent tracked please email to arrange this as there will be extra costs involved.

Notice 16th March 2020

Please note the updated terms and conditions regarding refunds following changes to PayPal’s refund policies. As PayPal no longer refunds the fees we pay for using the service if we refund a customer we will now only offer refunds if we have made an error or to comply with distance selling regulations for items that qualify.


We are a small business run in the UK and we ship worldwide. Standard processing times are up to 20 working days and any changes to that will be displayed on the home page

Please ensure that you pay the correct postage for your order and country to avoid any delays while we invoice you for postage fees. Also if we do have to invoice you separately for postage there will be a 25p surcharge to cover the excess PayPal fees incurred.

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