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January 13th 2022
Hello everyone and I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year (if you celebrate them) and plenty of rest. We are still waiting the 32ct Belfast Linen stock and so it is still unavailable to order at this time but as soon as we receive our delivery we will add that to the fabric listing again.
We have set up a January sale with as much as 25% off RRP for some items so have a look and see if anything grabs your fancy.
We will soon be releasing the 2022 Easter Egg and Mega Advents, although this is early and may seem premature with the issues we have had obtaining fabric stock the past year we want plenty of time to order in the fabric needed for them. Layaway will be available and full details for them on the listing but both will be available in limited quantities.

November 3rd 2021

Notices for the festive season

I will be taking my annual leave from December 20th to January 7th. During that period I will not be doing any work or answering any emails but I will be sending the January invoices on January 3rd.

Last posting dates are below but the post this year has been unreliable so although I will post by the dates shown I cannot guarantee it will arrive on time. Processing times are currently up to 6 weeks but I will be working really hard this month to try and ensure as many orders as I can physically complete will be posted in time including December’s clubs.

Last posting Dates

December 1st - Carribean

December 6th - Australia, Greece, Italy, New Zealand and Portugal

December 8th - Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Far and Middle East 

December 10th - Cyprus, Malta and Sweden

December 11th - Eastern Europe (except those mentioned below) and Turkey

December 13th - Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland and USA

December 16th - Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

December 20th - UK although if you are Isle of Man, Channel Islands or Northern Ireland I will post on the 16th

Special offers for the Christmas season! I am releasing these with the hope that most if not all orders will be able to be posted to get to you in time for Christmas this year. I will do everything in my power to post them by the Christmas posting dates but post this year has been a bit slower so please bear that in mind when ordering.

From today until November 10th receive a 10% discount on all fabrics in the Hand dyed fabric section (this doesn’t include custom dyes and sizes or the limited edition) use the code XMAS2021FAB at checkout

From November 11th to November 19th receive a 15% discount on all threads in the Hand Dyed Thread section (again this doesn’t include custom dyes, thread packs and the limited edition) use the code XMAS2021THR at checkout

From November 20th to November 30th receive a 20% discount on all charts in the Cross Stitch Design section (this doesn’t include SAL’s) use the code XMAS2021CHA at checkout

October 29th 2021

We are out of stock of 14ct Opal Aida and 28ct Brittney Lugana.  The current orders and clubs for November will be unaffected but any new orders made from today face a delay while we await stock. We do have 16ct Opal Aida in stock but not on the website if you wish to order that instead of 14ct Opal Aida please let us know via

October 20th 2021

As we approach the festive season and the Advents are being prepared for posting processing times are now up to 6 weeks. Even if the order is only for in stock items it will take longer than normal to post the orders as Michelle is extremely busy at the moment and only posting once a week or less.
The up to 6 week processing time includes orders made in the past couple of weeks.

October 8th 2021

Important notice regarding 32ct Belfast Linen. I placed an order for this Wednesday but have been informed it will be January before I receive the fabric. All clubs and orders currently made are done and I will assess the stock level for the remaining clubs of 2021 but from now until further stock arrives I will not be accepting orders for 32ct Belfast Linen.
I will start removing the option from all the fabrics but I have to do it one colour at a time and with so many colours this will take some time to do.
I apologise for this inconvenience.

September 13th 2021

Michelle has been unwell recently and there may be a slight delay on some orders and clubs leaving this month. We are trying to prevent this happening but please do bear this in mind.

We have now received our order of 28ct Brittney Evenweave and 16ct Aida and all fabrics are currently in stock. 

Although we are happy to be back at a full fabric stock level for now the continuing issues with Zweigert’s stock levels and the shipping delays caused by the UK leaving the EU means we expect these fabric stock issues to keep occurring for at least the rest of the year. Sadly as we are a very small business we are not in a position to order large amounts of fabric ahead of time and can only order what we need around 4-6 weeks ahead plus there will always be an unexpected “run” on certain fabrics at times. With Zweigert taking as long as 12 weeks to fulfil an order on occasion we may find we unexpectedly run out of one or more fabric types again.
Please bear in mind these delays can occur and although it has affected only a very small number of orders it will affect clubs. If your order or club were to be affected by a fabric shortage you would be contacted with options of changing fabric, waiting until we received stock or cancelling your order for a full refund.

September 2nd 2021

Post Office services in my area are badly affected at the moment. There are 3 post offices locally that accept business post and sadly all have been affected with staff sickness due to Covid but one has had to pretty much close due to one member of staff leaving and another going on maternity leave. This means that the other two are now doing the work of three post offices and they have been told to not process business post unless they have very few actual customers in the branch. As I am a business customer unless I just have 1 or 2 parcels to post I am not allowed to queue in branch and have to use the business service.
The result of this is while my post is supposed to be processed the same day I drop it off (as long as I drop it off before 1pm which I generally do) it is now taking between 2 and 4 days before it is processed and it is generally not all processed the same day. When you receive a dispatch notice from me at the moment please bear in mind that it may take a few more days for your order to actually be processed into the postal system. I also won’t be able to tell you exactly when your order was posted until all the post has been processed and I can collect my paperwork/ check my online account.
I apologise for this but it is completely beyond my control, Michelle x

August 31st 2021

We have received a fabric order from Zweigert and the 32ct Murano and 25ct Lugana Evenweaves and the 32ct Belfast Linen fabrics are all now back in stock. Sadly the 28ct Brittney Evenweave will be another couple of weeks and we have had a very high demand for 16ct Aida which has now also run very low.

Please be aware that any orders for 16ct Aida or 28ct Brittney will face delays until the next fabric order is received.

August 14th 2021

Fabrics now out of stock are 28ct Brittney Evenweave, 32ct Murano Evenweave and 32ct Belfast Linen. Stock of 25ct Lugana Evenweave is also very low. We are waiting for a reply from Zweigert as to how much longer the wait for our order will be.

August 2nd 2021

We are receiving an increasing number of orders with no postage paid. Please be sure to pay the correct postage for your order otherwise there will be delays while we invoice you for postage fees. Also if we do have to invoice you separately for postage there will be a 25p surcharge to cover the excess PayPal fees incurred.

General Notice

Please note the updated terms and conditions regarding refunds following changes to PayPal’s refund policies. As PayPal no longer refunds the fees we pay for using the service if we refund a customer we will now only offer refunds if we have made an error or to comply with distance selling regulations for items that qualify.

All customers in the EU should be aware that EU rules have recently changed and any parcel being delivered to you is subject to customs fees irrespective of the parcel value. Please factor this extra cost into your orders and ensure you will be available and able to pay the customs fees when your parcel arrives. These customs fees vary for each country so you will need to check with your postal service what the fees will be.

If an EU parcel is returned to us for non payment of these fees we will need to charge you a second postage fee to re send it as the postage cost will not be refunded to us and if you decide to cancel your order your postage fee will not be refunded only the product fees as we have made all customers aware of these changes.


We are a small business run in the UK and we ship worldwide. Standard processing times are up to 20 working days and any changes to that will be displayed on the home page

Please ensure that you pay the correct postage for your order and country to avoid any delays while we invoice you for postage fees. Also if we do have to invoice you separately for postage there will be a 25p surcharge to cover the excess PayPal fees incurred.

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