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30th October 2022


Hi all here are the final posting dates for Christmas this year. Please bear in mind that Royal Mail (the UK mail service) have numerous strike dates proposed for the next two months and as this will likely affect how long post takes to be received I have adjusted my dates forward to hopefully allow for these delays.

25th November - Australia and NZ (I will be in contact with club members about the December clubs)
5th December - USA, Canada and Europe
16th December - UK

I will still post parcels after these dates for overseas customers but believe posting by these dates give the greatest chance for you to receive your items before Christmas. I will also do a quick post run after Christmas on the 29th December for anyone who prefers I hold their club/order until after the Christmas rush.

I will be taking three weeks leave again at Christmas as I find I take very little time off during the year. I will be on leave from December 19th - January 6th with my first day back being January 9th. During this time no emails will be answered or orders processed or posted. I will do a quick post run on December 29th as stated above but those will only be for orders completed before I go on leave and that I have pre-packed. I will also spend an hour or so on January 2nd sending the club invoices as I know some people prefer to pay them earlier in the month.

11th October 2022

There is an issue with the latest fabric order. The order was split in to two parcels and we have received one parcel but the other is still awaiting customs clearance. I have not experienced this before and am not sure how long it may be until I receive it or indeed if I will receive it. The parcel contains 16ct Opal Aida, 18ct Aida and 18ct Opal Aida. This means that although all current clubs for the year are already cut awaiting dyeing any orders placed including for new clubs may be effected by a delay or I may email asking if you prefer to substitute fabric.

As always please contact me via with any specific queries relating to your club or order.

We anticipate that the continuing issues with Zweigert’s stock levels and the shipping delays caused by the UK leaving the EU will mean these fabric stock issues will keep occurring for at least the rest of the year. Sadly as we are a very small business we are not in a position to order large amounts of fabric ahead of time and can only order what we need around 4-6 weeks ahead plus there will always be an unexpected “run” on certain fabrics at times. With Zweigert taking as long as 12 weeks to fulfil an order on occasion we may find we unexpectedly run out of one or more fabric types again.
Please bear in mind these delays can occur and although it has affected only a very small number of orders it will affect clubs. If your order or club were to be affected by a fabric shortage you would be contacted with options of changing fabric, waiting until we received stock or cancelling your order for a full refund.

We are receiving an increasing number of orders with no postage paid. Please be sure to pay the correct postage for your order otherwise there will be delays while we invoice you for postage fees. Also if we do have to invoice you separately for postage there will be a 25p surcharge to cover the excess PayPal fees incurred.

General Notice

Please note the updated terms and conditions regarding refunds following changes to PayPal’s refund policies. As PayPal no longer refunds the fees we pay for using the service if we refund a customer we will now only offer refunds if we have made an error or to comply with distance selling regulations for items that qualify.

All customers in the EU should be aware that EU rules have recently changed and any parcel being delivered to you is subject to customs fees irrespective of the parcel value. Please factor this extra cost into your orders and ensure you will be available and able to pay the customs fees when your parcel arrives. These customs fees vary for each country so you will need to check with your postal service what the fees will be.

If an EU parcel is returned to us for non payment of these fees we will need to charge you a second postage fee to re send it as the postage cost will not be refunded to us and if you decide to cancel your order your postage fee will not be refunded only the product fees as we have made all customers aware of these changes.


We are a small business run in the UK and we ship worldwide. Standard processing times are up to 20 working days and any changes to that will be displayed on the home page

Please ensure that you pay the correct postage for your order and country to avoid any delays while we invoice you for postage fees. Also if we do have to invoice you separately for postage there will be a 25p surcharge to cover the excess PayPal fees incurred.

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